Thank you for visiting The Laissez Faire! I created this site to make staying informed a more enjoyable experience for readers. While I thoroughly enjoy reading lengthy and detailed articles written by brilliant people to stay informed, I always find myself feeling like the minority and thinking to myself “there must be a better way to deliver this kind of information so more people will actually read it,” and so The Laissez Faire was born.

I write each Laissez Faire article with two simple goals: 1) Make my reader smile, and 2) Inform my reader about a current event or issue, hence the tagline “Truth…in jest.”

In addition to simply offering an alternative information source for those who share my philosophical ideals, I hope to reach others who may not have yet fully formed an opinion, or who may be on the opposite end of the spectrum altogether. If you enjoy what you read please share it with your friends and family (and adversaries!). If you don’t enjoy what you read, please let me know why, and then share the site with others.

In addition to making staying informed a more enjoyable experience, I am also single-handedly breaking up the monopoly the liberals currently hold on the comedy market by presenting my libertarian/conservative ideals through humor. Because, quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of always having to bifurcate my feelings during a clever joke delivery between my appreciation of the pure architectural infrastructure of the joke and my disdain for the liberal ideal that was splattered all over its exterior.

To close with a quote from K.J. McDonald, a long-time Republican activist in my area (whom I do not know personally but have had the pleasure to hear speak at various events), “let’s change the conversation.”


Contact: TheLFEditor@gmail.com

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Obligatory Disclaimer: This site is for entertainment purposes only. Quotes by actual people are generally complete fabrications. However, actual facts abound throughout and you, as a reasonable reader, are responsible for discerning the facts from the fun.

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