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Minnesota U.S. Senate Candidates, in Limerick

Limericks for Kurt Bills: There once was a man named Kurt Bills, Who was fed up with Washington’s ills; If elected to congress He’ll undo their wrongness, And return us the rights to our tills. Kurt Bills from the great Minnesota Won’t let spending grow one more iota; When he gets to D.C., He’ll vote […]

First Dog Bo

White House Dog, Bo: “I’m Voting for Romney/Ryan,” An Exclusive Interview with the First Dog

“Look, I know, I know…I’m a dog, and I’m supposed to be ‘loyal’ and all that…I get that all the time, but if you’d heard what I heard, and saw what I saw, you could break from some genetically-predispositioned loyalty to your owner too!” – Bo on the 2012 Election October 9, 2012 – Washington, […]